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WilderNest Townhome Rental, Bigfork MN


Now Leasing!
For rental information contact: D.W. Jones Management at 218-326-5314
or toll-free at 888-326-5314. 
The hearing impaired may use TTY at 800-627-3529. 

WilderNest Occupied since May 1, 2007

Text Box: Photo by: WilderNest Housing Limited Partnership



 Housing Design & Amenities

               Twelve units  6 in each of 2 buildings
H      4 single story two-bedroom (1 fully accessible)
H      4 two story two-bedroom 
H      4 two story three-bedroom
               Kitchen appliances provided are refrigerator, range & dishwasher
               Coin operated washer and dryer in each unit
               Window Blinds are provided
               Wired for cable TV and telecommunications including DSL
               Integrated single-stall garage
               Ground level patio
               On-site play lot
               Dual fuel heating system  electric & LP gas 
               Central air conditioning
               Curbside solid waste pick-up
               Conveniently located on Golf Course Lane  directly South of the Bigfork School

Households Targeted to Occupy

        Family households with moderate income and below 
(based on a family of four  $35,340 or below).
        Family households with children.
        Family households employed in local workforce positions such as: 
nurses-aid, lab technician, maintenance technician, retail clerk, production line-worker, 
bank teller, mechanic and a multitude of others who provide the goods and services we use.
        Family households that can afford $497per month plus utilities for a two-bedroom 
or $590 per month plus utilities for a three-bedroom. (Rent assistance available for 3 units.) 

Funding For the Development

	Funding for the approximately $1.7million cost was provided by: 
$    First State Bank of Bigfork 
$    Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines
$    City of Bigfork
$    The Summit Group
$    Northeast Minnesota HOME Consortium
$    Greater Minnesota Housing Fund 
$    Discounts and Donations of Land, Labor, Materials and Cash from vendors, 
community units of government, philanthropists, organizations, businesses, 
groups, and individuals
Value to the Community 
The presence of adequate local housing has been proven to benefit the local 
economy and the families who reside in it.  
Children, parents, businesses, employers all benefit and the community can thrive 
when adequate housing is available locally.  
WilderNest is a quality family-friendly place that adds significantly to the 
options and availability of housing in our community of Bigfork.  
Check it out!   

Now Leasing!