City Hall Use Policy

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Resident/Non-resident: A resident is a person who lives within 15 miles of the Bigfork City limits. A resident cannot rent the building for a non-resident unless the non-resident is a member of the residentís immediate family (parent, grandparents, children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters).

Rental Hour Limits: 7:00 A.M. to 12:00 A.M. Everything is to be cleaned up and anything the renter brings in is to be removed at the end of rental hours.

Decorations: No glitter, confetti or natural trees will be allowed. No wall decorations will be allowed that will mar or otherwise damage the surface of the walls. Candles may be used only if they are in self-contained containers.

Smoking: The Bigfork City Hall is a smoke-free facility in its entirety.

Alcohol: No alcohol will be allowed in the Bigfork City Hall.

Dances: For Teen Dances, 3 chaperones aged 25 and older must be provided. One of the three chaperones must be a parent or relative.

Rates: The following rates will apply:

Daily rentals of the City Hall will be allowed for personal use, celebrations, rummage sales, craft/bake sales, family gatherings, community ed classes, and other events or occasions. Daily rental for a resident of the City will be $25.00. Daily rental for a non-resident will be $35.00.

Rental of chairs and/or tables for off-site use will be $40.00 per day. Rental of Ĺ of the chairs and/or tables for off-site use will be $20.00 per day.

Group rates will be determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the fre-uency of use, amount of time used per occasion, and the total costs of operating City Hall. The Planning Commission and City Council may allow use of the City Hall by groups for in-kind donations rather than a yearly charge. These in-kind donations may include things such as flower planting, general city clean up, or others.

Current Group Rates: TOPS once a week for approximately one hour $50.00 yearly Parish Nurse Program once a week for approximately one hour $50.00 yearly Wilderness Wheelers once a month for approximately two hours $75.00 yearly VFW Auxiliary/VFW #1764 once a month for one to two hours $75.00 yearly The Recyclables once a month for approximately four hours $100.00 yearly Artists League unlimited use, dependent on scheduling $200.00 yearly EOW Theater Troupe unlimited use, dependent on scheduling $200.00 yearly Cub Scouts three evenings per month in-kind donations 4-H Club once a month in-kind donations Any new groups wishing to begin using the Hall must meet with the Planning Commission to determine a fair rate for the amount of time they will be using the Hall. The City Council will have the final decision for all group rates.

Deposits: A $50.00 deposit will be collected at the time of the rental agreement for day rentals. The Clerk will return this deposit upon inspection and approval of the condition of the Hall. The deposit will not be returned if the Hall has not been cleaned according to the cleaning checklist provided. The deposit will also not be returned if any damages have occurred during the use of the Hall or if any keys issued are not returned. (This deposit does not apply to regular group users of the Hall.) A $40.00 deposit will be collected for the use of chairs and/or tables off site. This deposit will be refunded if all tables and chairs are returned in the same condition in which they were rented.

Government Entities: Government entities, including any groups the City of Bigfork claims membership in such as the Northern Itasca Joint Powers Board, the Highway 38 Leadership Board, the Bigfork River Board, and others, reserving the Hall for use for public meetings or elections will not be charged for use of the Hall.

City of Bigfork City Hall Rental Agreement

Name of Person(s)/Group renting facility:__________________________________________________

Contact Name for Group:_______________________________________________________________

Contact Phone Number:________________________

Resident:______ Non-Resident:______

Date(s) of use:________________ Time(s) of use:_________________

Purpose Hall will be used for:___________________________________________________________

If purpose of Hall use is a Teen Dance, please list 3 chaperones (must be over age 25)




Areas of Hall to be used: (check all that apply)

Upstairs Room & Bathrooms:______ Downstairs Room & Bathrooms:______ Kitchen:______

It is understood and agreed that the renter and/or chaperones assume full responsibility for any damages to the building and furnishings during the hours of rental. The City of Bigfork is not responsible for accidents.

 ________________________________________ Signature(s) of renter(s)

For Teen Dance: Signature of chaperones:




Bigfork City Hall Cleaning Checklist

General - Turn off all lights (donít forget to check the bathrooms) - Turn down thermostat(s) - Close all windows - Lock door

Entryway/Landing - Sweep landing and stairs - Wipe up any marks, mud, etc on floor - Shake rugs if needed - Clean any marks on walls, doors, windows, etc - Wipe down railings

Large Room (upstairs or down) - Sweep floor - Wipe up any mud, spills, etc on floor - Clean any marks on walls, doors, etc. - Wipe off window sills - Clean cobwebs from corners and lights - Return tables and chairs to their original positions

Bathrooms (upstairs and/or down) - Clean toilets - Wipe down sinks and countertops - Clean mirrors - Wipe down walls and windowsills - Sweep and wipe up any marks on floor - Refill toilet paper dispenser if needed - Clean cobwebs from corners and lights

Kitchen - Wipe down stove and oven - Clean sink and countertops - Wipe microwave inside and out - Clean coffee pot if used - Wipe down cupboards - Wipe down refrigerator inside and out - Wipe down and unplug second refrigerator if used - Sweep floor - Clean cobwebs from corners and lights